The Anti-Ragging Committee at GNIT College of Management is a committee established to prevent and address the issue of ragging. Ragging refers to any form of physical or mental harassment, abuse, or humiliation inflicted on new students by their seniors or peers in educational institutions.
The Anti-Ragging Committee is responsible for ensuring a safe and conducive environment for students, particularly during their initial days in the institution. The committee works to eradicate ragging and take appropriate actions against those involved in such activities. It aims to promote a healthy and respectful atmosphere where students can pursue their studies without fear or harassment.
The responsibilities and functions of Anti-Ragging Committee may include:

  • 1. Creating awareness among students, faculty, and staff about the consequences and negative impact of ragging.
  • 2. Formulating and implementing policies, rules, and guidelines to prevent and address ragging incidents.
  • 3. Conducting orientation programs for new students to educate them about their rights, the consequences of ragging, and the mechanisms available to report incidents.
  • 4. Receiving and investigating complaints related to ragging, ensuring the confidentiality of complainants, and taking prompt and strict action against the perpetrators.
  • 5. Coordinating with local law enforcement authorities, if necessary, to handle serious cases of ragging.
  • 6. Monitoring and patrolling the campus to identify and prevent instances of ragging.
  • 7. Providing counseling and support services to victims of ragging, including psychological support and guidance.
  • 8. Collaborating with other committees and stakeholders within the institution to promote a ragging-free campus culture.
  • 9. Regularly organizing awareness campaigns, workshops, and seminars on ragging prevention and creating a safe learning environment.
  • 10. Preparing reports on ragging incidents, actions taken, and preventive measures implemented, and submitting them to the appropriate authorities as required.

The Anti-Ragging Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and safety of students within the institution. By actively addressing and preventing ragging incidents, the committee helps in creating an inclusive and nurturing environment where students can focus on their studies and personal growth.

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