The Examination Monitoring Committee (EMC) at GNIT College of Management is a committee established to ensure the smooth and fair conduct of examinations. The committee is responsible for overseeing and managing various aspects of the examination process, from question paper preparation to result declaration.
The main objective of the Examination Monitoring Committee is to maintain the integrity, security, and transparency of the examination system. It works towards preventing malpractices, ensuring adherence to examination rules and regulations, and upholding the academic standards of the institution.
The responsibilities and functions of Examination Monitoring Committee may include:

  • 1. Developing examination policies, procedures, and guidelines to govern the conduct of examinations.
  • 2. Ensuring the proper scheduling and organization of examinations, including the allocation of examination halls and seating arrangements.
  • 3. Coordinating with faculty members and examination departments for the timely preparation and delivery of question papers.
  • 4. Overseeing the printing, sealing, and distribution of question papers while maintaining their confidentiality and security.
  • 5. Supervising the conduct of examinations, including invigilation arrangements, checking student identification, and enforcing examination rules.
  • 6. Addressing any issues or concerns that arise during the examination, such as technical glitches, disruptions, or student misconduct.
  • 7. Investigating and taking appropriate action in cases of cheating, plagiarism, or other examination malpractices.
  • 8. Monitoring the use of technology during examinations, such as online platforms or electronic devices, to ensure fairness and prevent cheating.
  • 9. Coordinating the process of examination answer sheet evaluation, result tabulation, and publication.
  • 10. Handling examination-related grievances, appeals, and requests for revaluation or rechecking of answer sheets.

The Examination Monitoring Committee plays a crucial role in maintaining the credibility and fairness of the examination system. By enforcing regulations, ensuring transparency, and taking prompt action against malpractices, the committee helps uphold the academic integrity and reputation of the institution.

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