Research and development is an ongoing process and at GNIT CM the staff and students are continuously exposed to various aspects of learning. They are given various opportunities of learning through diversified events.

  • Faculty Development Programs: FDPs ensure that the faculties are up-to-date with the latest knowledge in various fields so that they can deliver their best to the students. A five day FDP on Data Analysis was organized by the college to train the faculty in the latest tools for research.
  • Conferences: Academic conferences are held for discussion and information sharing of the different subjects. A conference was held in GNITCM College on “Emerging Global Emerging Trend and its implications in Social Economy”, inviting speakers to discuss the various new trends emerging globally and its impact worldwide.
  • Seminars: A seminar is a form of academic instruction, offered by a commercial or professional organization. It has the function of bringing together small groups for recurring meetings, focusing each time on some particular subject, in which everyone present is requested to participate.GNIT CM has been conducting these seminars on various subjects like ,Seminar on Financial Empowerment Through Financial Education by NSE ,National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission (NIPAM) , and a WEBINAR on Analysis and Study of Mutual Fund by a Certified Financial Planner - SEBI

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